Painted Foliage Shader

I created this foliage shader in the Amplify Shader Editor to be used in the game Edge. I created it to be a versatile, simple way to achieve the painted aesthetic of the game.

Height Based Highlights

To brighten up the base color, I added a height based highlight that has an adjustable hue and intensity. This adds depth to the foliage using the same methods a painter would employ.

Leaf Highlight.PNG

World Position Color Variation

I wanted to add a bit more color variation between trees or even within a single tree, so I decided to add in another lerp between two colors using noise spread over the world position tile.

World Position Color

Leaf World Position Color.PNG

Swap Out Textures for Different Looks

The only textures needed for the shader are an alpha for the leaf shape and an optional surface texture for any extra details.