A game about blowing leaves!

Lika is a relaxing mobile puzzle game where you control wind to guide a leaf swarm through the forest, collecting more leaves as you go to restore life to each season. 

Sound Designer, Composer, Audio Programming


- Full soundtrack

- Seasonal compositions for each level

- Recording and producing sound effects

- Mixing in game

- Audio programming

- Puzzle designs

Project Length: 15 weeks

Team Size: 6 people

Genre: Puzzle

Engine: Unity

Platform: Mobile

Dynamic Sound Track

I composed layered pieces for each of the four seasonal levels in Lika. Each composition was designed so that it sounded more interesting as layers were added, but was never empty if the player lost layers. Every level began with ambience layers I recorded, and then played the first layer of the music once the first leaf was picked up. Each level also used a different wind sound, which consisted of different wind chimes to fit the season.