Rebecca Roman

I am an independent game developer with multi-discipline experience. While I focus on Visual Effects, Technical Art, and Music Composition, I have experience in game and level design, sound design, technical design, and production. I have a passion for using my variety of skills to create compelling worlds with strong mechanics, aesthetics, and narrative.


Master of Arts, Media and Information | GPA: 4.0/4.0         May 2020

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI  

Linked BA/MA Program  

Concentration in Games, Film, and Transmedia  

Certificate in Serious Game Design

Bachelor of Arts, Media and Information | GPA: 3.6/4.0      May 2019

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI  

Minor in Game Design and Development, Program ranked #7 in North America by Princeton Review in 2018 Minor in Computer Science  

Honors College


Co-Founder, Creative Director | StarForged Studios  Summer 2020 - Present

Led the creative development of Edge, a 3D open world adventure game where the player builds a city to improve their character.

• Responsible for overall direction and leadership of both design and art.

• Created all combat and ambient VFX and provided technical art support such as foliage and water environment shaders.

• Collaborated with my co-founder to secure funding for our vertical slice, run company administration such as payroll, HR, and technical support.

• Accepted into the Conquer Accelerator Program in Summer 2020.

• Created a business pitch for Venture Funds that included our vertical slice demo.

Sound Designer, Composer | Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab   Summer 2018 - Spring 2020

Produced sound effects/music and designed unique audio systems for four company projects including:

• UI and ambient puzzle music for Quantum 3, a physics based match 3 game that teaches quantum physics.

• Character voice lines and soundtrack for Monster Savings, an endless runner that teaches financial literacy.

• Item sound effects and battle music for Plunder Panic, an award winning pirate themed party game.

• Ambience for When Rivers Were Trails, an adventure game that centers around Native Americans in the 1890s.

Virtual Reality Research Intern | Media and Information Research Laboratory   Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Assistant to Dr. Rabindra Ratan, East Lansing, MI        

Collaborated with researchers and developers to develop a mobile narrative game that induces empathy.

Professorial Assistant | iVerse Laboratory       Fall 2016 – Spring 2018

Assistant to Dr. Taiwoo Park, East Lansing, MI        

Designed and programmed a haunted house escape room virtual reality game.


VFX: Amplify Shader Editor, Shader Graph, Shader Forge, Adobe Photoshop, Blender

Music: Reason, Audition 

Development: Python, C++, C#, Unity3D

Other: Music Composition, Level Design, Systems Design  


Lika (Sound Designer, Composer) – composed an orchestral piece for each of the four seasons that added instrument layers to the mix when the player picked up a collectible.

Everything is Magnet (Sound Designer, Composer, Level Designer) – composed a progressive soundtrack that becomes more involved through each level and designed puzzle rooms.



• 2017 - Present: Dean’s List, Michigan State University College of Communication Arts and Sciences • 2016 - Present: Michigan State Honors College Scholarship


References Available Upon Request